Ketogenic Diet: A Parent and Child Perspective


Looking for some insight on what it’s like to be on a ketogenic diet?  Well look no further!  We are so excited to release our newest webinar that is geared towards caregivers and patients who may be considering a ketogenic diet for treatment of their epilepsy or who are already on the ketogenic diet but need some tips and tricks to stay on track.  Trust me, we know that staying compliant on this restrictive diet can be tough and we applaud you for your efforts!

We’ll dive deep into the daily lives of the Rushton family who have a son, Xavier, on the modified Atkins diet (MAD) for epilepsy. The webinar covers a lot of great information in about 60 minutes-feel to free to take a break and come back!  Hopefully it can provide you with at least a few tips on how to make the ketogenic diet easier for you.  

Topics covered: 

·      Xavier’s Favorite Keto Friendly Foods

·      Substitutes to Kid Favorite Foods (pizza, bread, crackers) 

·      Importance of Setting Clear Goals and Expectations with Your Healthcare Team 

·      Appropriate Monitoring and Follow-Up When on a Ketogenic Diet

·      Possible Side Effects and How to Prevent Them 

·      Resources, Resources, Resources 

·      Several Frequently Asked Questions Answered by A Family that Lives Keto Every Day

o  How to get other family members involved? 

o  How to be successful with the school? 

o  What to do for holidays and birthday parties? 

o  Many, many more!!!


If you are looking for more support, reach out to us via our Keto Friends initiative page to see if we can pair you with a support buddy.   If you have questions for us or for the Rushton family after listening to the webinar, leave a comment so we can get back to you!